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An estate sale is an on-site sale of all contents in a home and vehicles, boats and other personal belongings.

We organize stage, price and host the sale at your residence. Sales are approximately 3 to 5 days. We may extend the days due to the amount of items in the home.

Our Best Advice…DO NOT throw anything away! Please let us determine Trash from Treasure.

Items that are rare, special antiques or higher valued items will be pre-sold. Higher ticket items have a better chance of selling for full price if they are available to purchase over a longer period.

Estate sales are conducted on site, where customers come to purchase items throughout the sale.

Auctions are usually one-day sales.

Our clients preview the items on-line and / or at the residence home prior to the sale. Customers bid on items and the highest bidder wins.

We book our clients in advance and how long the set up takes depends on the amount of items in the home; keep in mind areas like attics, closets, cabinets, basement, garage, bedrooms, extra cleaning, and trash removal are factors.

To maximize the earning power of your estate sale a proper set up takes nine to twelve business days with the sale immediately following. The entire process take approximately two to three weeks from start to finish.

Five to seven business days after your estate sale is completed, we send you a check, inventory list and any charity donation paperwork for tax purposes.

We do have a minimum to host a sale. We will conduct a free consultation in person to make this decision. If an estate sale is not the appropriate fit, we will recommend other options for your sale.

When we find personal items, we place them in a safe place and notify you immediately.

Our commission rates depend on the size, work involved, hours, and travel to and from the sale site. We feel confident in getting you more for your items even if other companies charge lower rates.

Most of our determination on valuing items comes from years of hosting estate sales. When we need to get an appraisal for items, we have experts that assist us at no charge to our clients.

We have paid subscriptions to several estate sale organizations. These sites are known for having large groups of buyers, dealers and re-sellers that buy estate sale items. We also use social media and advertise on local newspapers. We post professional signage to help customers to find your sale.

It is common for family members to want to keep some items. We do ask that once items are posted on our sites they remain for sale.

We accept cash, checks with proper identification and all major credit cards.

Usually there are no upfront fees. Most costs are included in the commission rate. Only under rare circumstances are additional costs added: unusual extreme clutter, enormous clean ups or excessive trash removal are examples, and you will be informed in advance.

We broom sweep and / or vacuum the home, and put any trash to the curb. Additional fees my occur for total liquidations and cleaning of the home for sale and / or rental. These types of fees are discussed in advance so our clients can make informed decisions.

We prefer family not to attend. In our many years of conducting estate sales, the sentimental value of our client’s precious items being sold can be over-whelming. It may be hard to watch your items leaving your home. In addition, some customers’ remark about items, home, or prices can be hard to hear, thus we recommend families not attend the sale. We do keep you informed every step of the way, every day.

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