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The Auction Process

When families, executors, heirs or collectors have a home full of personal belongings, or just a few pieces, whether vintage, antiques, or just good old stuff call CARRIE’S WAGON. Let us develop a plan customized for your unique situation. Consultations are free.

Plan of Action

Our team prepares the home; we declutter and clean (if needed), organize, prepare a catalogue, pricing, photos, and staging the entire home for your event.

Auction Event

Within ten business days your online auction will start. The event will take 3 to 5 business days to complete (depending on the size of the home). Once the auction ends, we manage all of the logistics.

The Logistics

Customers who bought the items will remove them from the home within two business days. Within five business days, our clients receive a check, inventory checklist and charity donation papers (available option).


AUCTIONS@CARRIESWAGON   download-AppleStore@2x.png   download-GooglePlay@2x.png

AUCTIONS@CARRIESWAGON is a mobile app. This unique platform allows our customers to participate in online auction using mobile phones, tablets or computer devices. Customers can participate in our online auctions from anywhere in the world or in the comfort of their homes.

When our clients sign up with Carrie’s Wagon to conduct their auction, our app highlights items for viewing and bidding on items in an extensive catalogue format from antiques, artwork, jewelry, specialty items, fine collectables…and more.

Our auction platform is available for in home auction sales.  However, when an onsite sale may not be an option due to restrictions or community regulations or limited space, we can conduct your auction through AUCTIONS@CARRIESWAGON.  Our customers can bid on items at their leisure, from anywhere.

Our Mobile App Features:

• Quick Registration

• Auction Notifications

• Watch List Management

• Current and Historical Bid Tracking

We at AUCTIONS@CARRIESWAGON are always looking for ways of continuous improvement to better service our customers. We invite you to assist us, if there are any issues that we may resolve within the AUCTIONS@CARRIESWAGON, please email me at INFO@CARRIESWAGON.COM.

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